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In keeping with a topic that we feel is paramount to ensuring that the radio industry remains competitive, we are thrilled to see that Alt 92.3 here in NYC is following the lead of KNDD in Seattle and has recently implemented a “2 Minute Promise,” assuring listeners that it will only play two-minutes of commercials in a row.


We’ve long seen in our research that playing “too many commercials” is a major reason to change stations and/or to stop using radio altogether.  It’s a topic that we’ve addressed in several blog posts, most notably the following:




As a result, this move by Entercom’s “Alt 92.3” brings great satisfaction to us at Global Media Research & Consulting Partners.  It’s a little too early to see the impact of this decision, but as the following article from Inside Radio asserts, “KNDD implemented its ‘2 Minute Promise’ in 2014 and saw a ratings bump, moving from eighth to fourth among 18-34-year-olds in Nielsen's Jan-May 2015 PPM survey period with a 6.2 share, up 48% from the same period one year earlier.”




Rest assured that we’ll be staying on top of this topic and are optimistic that decisions like these will serve to bolster our industry’s performance, particularly with younger audiences.